The Raw Diet is Great

by Kat

we feed her chicken carcass, lamb briskett, rabbit, hare, ostrich, possum,

pig trotters as a treat, tripe, fish, and sometimes she loves an egg,
well....thats when she finally cracks the shell open and licks up all the
goodness inside.
we feed her twice a day, usually after we eat..
Izzy is a 18 months old boxer.

So far so good with her diet, the vet was very happy with her condition,
even thou he is not a supporter of the raw diet.
But the way we look at it, she's a wolf, well an urban wolf, and wolves
don't eat biscuits, and any way, how boring to eat dry biscuits at
She has also been known to eat the odd bird or two that the cat catches, and
doesn't eat.
The cat is also on the raw diet, chicken necks great for keeping those teeth
clean, liver, kidneys, beef and lamb mince.....
they both seem pretty fit and healthy, with shinny coats and clean
pearly white teeth......So, if its true that it can extend their life, then
great, we can't wait......

Long live the RAW DIET!!


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