Top 10 Dog Treat Recipes Will Make Your Dog Happy

It's that time of the year and since I'd never done it before, I decided it was time--for top 10 dog treat recipes from

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The 2010 Top 10 Dog Treat Recipes:

Peanut Butter Goodness Quick and easy, it's one of my go to's for the pups too.

Pumpkin Dog Treats This healthy boost of beta carotene is great for your dog. They're soft for dogs who have trouble with harder treats though everyone seems to love them.

Dog Biscuit Recipe A basic dog biscuit recipe you can add endless variations on. Easy.

Oatmeal Dog Treats Dogs love oatmeal and you'll love your dog's eyes light up when you mix up a batch of these. Tail wagging good!

Peanut Butter Roll Ups Reader Leslie Ann sent this recipe in a few years ago. This is for a more advanced baker who wants to make something beautiful.

Simple Oatmeal Dog Treats The name says it all.

Bonnie the Daschund's Training Treats Reader Judy shared this one awhile back. It's an easy recipe your dog will love. Any treat you make small can be used as training treats.

Apple Cinnamon Dog Treats These have healthy apples and cinnamon. Cinnamon is an anti inflammatory so it can relieve painful arthritis symptoms. And, apples? Well, they're just tasty and good for you.

Grain Free Peanut Butter Dog Treat Dogs love peanut butter, that's why so many homemade dog treat recipes use it. This one is made without grain so the grain sensitive pooches can enjoy treats again.

Veggie Bones Shape these carrot filled treats into the shape of your choice and watch your dog devour them. Woof!

So there you are! The top 10 dog treat recipes of 2010! Thanks for reading and have a wonderfully, delightful, tail wagging 2011!

How Long Do Homemade Dog Treats Keep?

People are always asking how long treats are good for. The rule of thumb is dryness.

If the dog treat has a lot of moisture (like the pumpkin wafers) they'll have a shorter span but should still stay good for 2-3 weeks—no problem.

The harder ones like the Cinnamon Dog Treats will last longer but I still store them all in the refrigerator if I'm keeping them more than a couple of days.

They can also be frozen.

Happy Baking!

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