Twice in one week

by Nakisha Adams
(Bisbee, AZ)

Hello everyone. I have a 10 year old English Pointer named Halley, that loves to play.

When we lived in California 6 years ago we had an acre of land in the outskirts of town.

With all that land we had chickens and rabbits and lots of space for her and our other dog to run and play.

One night, during their usual night outing, Halley and Jess, our other dog came across a skunk and Halley got sprayed. I went through the usual Tomato juice shower and barely got rid of the smell. This was at 2 am in the morning. Thank goodness there was a Walmart open that late.

Two days later, she was sprayed again.

Jess wouldn't come in and Halley looked sad and pitiful. She was hiding in a corner and wouldn't come out. Luckily I had stocked up on Tomato juice and gave her another pink shower. It didn't work. I searched the internet looking for something different and I found the best thing.

The baking soda wash was the ticket!! Instead of having to wash her two or three times, washing her once in the baking soda did the trick.

Since she is a short haired dog I made it thick to get down to her undercoat. On her face I made it into a paste and let it sit while I washed the rest of her. I didn't have Dawn soap so I just used the dish soap that I had.

Since 2004 I have only used the baking soda wash and my Halley loves to chase skunks, cats, anything with fur on it. I don't use Tomato juice anymore and I have shared this with other people.

I made sure I have baking soda and Hydrogen peroxide in my house at all times just in case she gets sprayed again.

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