We rescued our Black Labrador from Labs4 Rsecue

by Pat

Congratulations on finding Sammy a forever home.

We got our newest addition 4 years ago and we just love her. She is a beautiful and big goofy black lab and she gets along great with our 15 year old Siamese cat (brat) and our newest stray addition to our house, Emmy, a tabby, found wondering the streets with a huge tummy and leg sore that our vet cured and then spayed her, they chase each other through the house and are best friends.

I love rescue stories, all of our animals are rescues. We had two beautiful 14 and 15 year old Himalayans that died in the past year and they were rescues also. It seems that rescued animals know that they are given a second chance on life and they love you even more for it.

Best of luck with your new "puppy" and may he bring you many years of happiness.

P.S. Labs4Rescue is a great organization if anyone is interested in adopting a new pet.

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