Whole Dog Journal

Whole Dog Journal(WDJ) is an information packed monthly dedicated to natural dog care and training.

Known for it's annual dry and wet dog food reviews, WDJ strives to educate dog lovers and guardians about positive dog training methods and holistic care for your pet.

What's in Whole Dog Journal?

Answers to questions like:

  • Do you know if your vet really needs a parvo vaccine throughout his life or will one suffice?
  • Do you know how to acclimate a new dog into your household?
  • Do you know how to get your dog to stop digging holes in your yard?
  • Do you know what to feed your dog to help curb (or even cure) his allergies?
  • Whole Dog Journal answers these questions and more through articles written by respected dog trainers and dog lovers.

    Dog Trainers Tell All

    Nationally recognized dog trainers like Pat Miller, owner of the Peaceable Paws Training Center in Hagerstown MD., and CJ Puotinen, author of The Encyclopedia of Natural Pet Care, Natural Remedies for Dogs & Cats offer indepth articles to strengthen your bond with your favorite canine.

    Each issue of WDJ is like a home training course on positive health for our pets. Whole Dog Journal excepts no advertising so you know it's an unbiased source of information.

    Since this massive pet food recall in the U.S. affecting over 100 brands of pet food as of April 7, 2007, many people are looking for alternate foods and are questioning the entire pet food industry. Books like CJ Puotinen and Journals such as Whole Dog Journal have been questioning that industry for some time.

    I highly recommend it.

    Whole Dog Journal