why not Ivory?

by Gigi Jordan
(Montreal, Quebec)

I do not really know the theory behind the Dawn soap. It works on the "oil" that is connected the the skunk spray, the same substance that makes the smell so hard to remove. If you use the ultra dawn, it is even more effective. Having worked in animal rescue, Dawn is the soap of choice when we need to bathe very dirty animals. Puppy mills rescue gets the treatment when I am involved with a particular seizure. For that urine and feces smell can be as offensive.

My dumb dog makes skunk spraying a national holiday, as much as 3 times in two weeks. In the past year, I was able to not let her into the house for that smell is simply unbearable and will burn all your orifices: eyes, nose mouth and throat. And my poor son will "wear" the smell at school and be teased about it.
And yes, you guessed it, she is "wearing" the treatment as I am typing this; I usually leave it on for 15 minutes or even more and this in the middle of October. I am not very happy right now. Not so much at the dog but my husband who let her into the house and lie all over the living room carpet and not even lift a finger to help me clean up. So after this it washing the dog, first with Dawn then with regular dog shampoo

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