You Can Work From Home and Enjoy Flexibility and Freedom

It's true.

You can work from home and create a life you love.

Spend more time with your children, be there for them when they get that first tooth, learn to ride a bike or just get a scrape on the knee.

You're skeptical, I know. Believe me, I was too for a long time.

Let me tell you a story. Maybe you can relate.

Sammy at the Jersey Shore

Once upon a time I worked in nonprofits.

My first full time job paid me $30,000 with no benefits. In 2002!

Anyway, it was an ok job but I was left with that certain feeling of "is all there is?" Plus, I was broke.

Do you know that feeling?

And in these times--well, I think you'll agree with unemployment at nearly 10%, there are a lot of people looking for an alternative.

Fast Forward to 2010 My website is chugging along picking up steam every single month!

All because of a guy called Ken Evoy. See he wrote a guide to building a business using your interests and passions.

I think I paid $30 for it at the time but now it's free.

Wow! What a powerful read!

If the idea of working from home sounds great to you but you don't know where to start--start with this ebook.

Ken is known for putting together solid content that you can use, right now.

Make Your Knowledge Sell is chockful of ideas on how you can turn the stuff you already know into a business. And I mean anything!

After all, I run a website about dog treats ;) and yes, it makes me money. Every single month.

One of the things I love about this ebook is the way it's written.

It's friendly and conversational. Kind of like if you were sitting right there with Ken and he was going through it with you, answering your questions.

Totally fabulous! And did I mention it was free?

But Back to This Website Business, How Could I Build a Website?

I decided online was the way to go but I didn't know how to start or what to do. It seemed overwhelming.

After reading Ken's ebook I was excited and he helped things make sense but I didn't know any html or other fancy computer stuff.

My computer expertise was limited to sending email and surfing the Net. That was it. I'd only just learned to send attachments. Really.

Luckily, I found a program I could trust to walk me through it step by step. Take a look.

Site Build It took me by the hand and showed me, a complete newbie, how to build a website.

Actually, that's wrong. Site Build It showed me how to build a business online. Totally different.

See the difference for yourself

After all, there are tons of business owners who've paid a lot of money to have websites built. Websites that don't do much but take up space.

Why not create a business online that brings you income, establishes your crediblity and is an asset?

One that will grow and grow every year?

And the freedom! I can walk my dog in the middle of the day, take a nap, and even not work on my site at all for days at a time while I work on other projects.

And you know what? It still cranks along making me money day after day.

You know what else? Because of the tools and helpful community that make up Site Build It (SBI) I've been able to accomplish something I never thought possible.

  • have nearly 5000 subscribers!
  • created 143 webpages
  • create those pages so they get found by Google
  • Take a peek at the step by step

    Action Guide Site Build It is famous for.

    It really guides you through the process. And, there's always someone to ask if you get stuck. The SBI forums are the best I've seen!

    Thousands of people just like you have created an online business using SBI. One of these days, I will make my own video about why I love Solo Build It but for now, I'll let Tamar speak for me.

    Tamar's an artist and the sister of Elad. Together, they're one of SBI's long time success stories.

    The two of them started a site about kid's birthday parties back in 2003. Today, they run a whole series of related sites and have the time to spend with their families while making more money than they ever thought possible.