Yoga for Dogs?

The latest craze in pampering your pooch isn’t doggie manicures at the Red Door but yoga.

At first it was led by fitness chain Crunch Gym in cities from L.A. to NY, many of these Ruff Yoga or Doga classes are taking place in city parks and other public places.

Daily, our dogs naturally engage in yoga positions like the aptly named “Downward Facing Dog” and the reverse posture, “Upward Facing Dog”. In fact, it’s likely that your dog practices these postures several times a day to stretch his or her muscles.

Yoga practitioners around the country have latched onto the concept of deepening the bond between pets and their people and helping to relax both by engaging in a type of partnering yoga unlike any other.

"Yoga offers time to slow down and connect with yourself, but some people just find that easier to do with a loyal pet nearby," says New York yoga instructor Jennifer Brilliant, co-author of Doga: Yoga for Dogs. "Dogs actually are naturals at yoga. We can learn a lot from them."

Yoga for dogs

Personally, I think I need to be working on my Downward Dog more often as I'm feeling stiff and scattered but my dog should feel focused and stretched as he often works through his postures several times a day. He also comes close and practices a few postures near me when I do yoga at home.

Do you or have you practiced yoga with your pooch? If so, what has been your experience?

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